A Christmas Wish From The Ghost Of Future Composers Past


No Sleep ’till Westgarth

Measuring my rope

Measuring my rope

Johny Brown in the Land of Holy Joy

Johny Brown in the Land of Holy Joy

I had a great time last weekend doing a couple of great gigs at Bedes World and The Westgarth.  My thanks go out to all the good folks involved, especially Ben Hudson, TrevorJohnson, Michael Clunkie and Dave Griffiths.  Great to see venues emerging for live music here in the North East when so many are under threat elsewhere.  It was a great pleasure to play these gigs with such wonderful people, Hausfrau – you were amazing and as always The Band of Holy Joy delivered a stellar set.  Paul Gallagher took some great photographs that tell the story far better than my clumsy prose.


Floating into the night

Hausfrau – Floating into the night

Band Of Holy Joy | Quaterlight | Housefrau

Two very cool gigs coming up this week. I will be opening for The Band of Holy Joy on 12th December at Bedes World and on 13th at Westgarth Social Club. I’m going to dust down some back catalogue and some new stuff.   The Quaterlight CD, with 5 instrumental pieces, will only be available at  gigs arrived on Friday and looks and sounds cool.  With luck the Soul on Ice cd should be ready for the gigs. This cd is a compilation of unreleased material from 1982, all transferred from tape and remastered.image


12 Bar – London with The Band of Holy Joy

21st November 2015 I made the long journey South to play a gig with Johny Brown and The Band Of Holy Joy. For me it is a bit of an experiment, I billed myself as Quaterlight, which is a bit of a catch all for my musical activities at the moment. Armed with a few pedals and my Guild S300 I planned to do a simple set of 8 songs, all of which have been gathered over the last 30 years. My aim was to try and evoke the raw spirit of the early months of the punk explosion. I was a little apprehensive about this approach, not least because I have never played a solo gig before! All I can say is I had a great time. A great audience and some really good friends made my night. Photographs and further details coming soon…….

Radio Shows|Film|live

Well it’s been a while since I put any effort into this! I admit it I am ashamed! So a quick round up is in order. Since my last piece on the wonderful Anthony More/Moore I have been quite busy on a number of projects. Have done some great shows with Trevor Johnson on Hive Radio. Trevor suggested we could talk about Derek Jarmans film “Jubilee” and Trevor and I were joined in the studio by the incredibly well informed Sheena Revolta and we had an interesting chat about the movie. More recently we celebrated the release of the Scott Walker Sunn o))) album “Soused” with a retrospective of Scott’s work. Once you start digging into that body of work you discover diverse connections in some strange places and I have to say that 2 hours is not nearly long enough to do justice to it.

You can hear the shows on line and I will post links shortly.

So what is on the horizon? Trevor and I are compiling material for a short film about being in a band and we have been out and about talking to people far and wide. We got some great footage of The Subway Sect and The Fallen Leaves on their recent visit to Newcastle. Vic Goddard and Rob Green gave an excellent account of themselves in interviews for the film. More about this over the next few months! Working title “Postcode”
I am also taking to the road for a short series of solo gigs under the banner of “Quaterlight”. Johny Brown, of the Band Of Holy Joy, invited me to support them on November 21st at their gig at 12 Bar in London and then on 12 December at Bedes World, Jarrow Nd the following day at Southlands in Middlesborough. I am looking forward to what I believe will be some very special gigs!image

More of my wasted youth – WS BURROUGHS | Venue Madness | and all that jazz!

Rock n Roll – William S Burroughs and Me

The (very) Rough Guide to Newcastle venues!

Tonight in Hive Radio at 19:00 you will be able to enjoy a trip down memory lane. Trevor Johnston and I walked part of the Newcastle Venue Trail and discussed some of the memorable gigs we have witnessed in a variety of venues, many of which no longer exist!
Also discussed on tonight’s show is the week long visit William S Burroughs paid to Tyneside in 1977 and the star studded audience at his reading at Newcastle University. More details to follow.

Dr Benway rolls into town!

Dr Benway rolls into town!

Rough Guide – Newcastle Venues

A Rough Guide To The Venues Of Newcastle.

Had a great walk and talk today with Trevor Johnson. We toured the venues of Newcastle and recorded material for a programme Trevor is preparing. We visited most of the major venues and some of the less well known and out of the way places where music was made and consumed. So much has gone and will be forgotten as time moves on. Look out on the the show on Trevor’s excellent show “Another Music In A Different Kitchen” Thursday evening 7PM on Hive Radio.